Gilbert O'Sullivan - Ireland's Own Superstar

Source: The Evening Herald

Compiled by Tony Wilson & Tony Barry

Pictures: Matt Walsh

03 Nov 1972

Gilbert made his concert debut with two shows in the National Stadium in Dublin on Tuesday 31st October 1972.  This is a photo feature taken from the Evening Herald of Friday 3rd November 1972.

Ireland's own superstar, Gilbert O'Sullivan, made a triumphal world debut with his jam-packed concerts in Dublin's National Stadium this week.  It was a tremendous welcome home for the 25-year-old Waterford born singer composer.


"Unbelievable" is how Gilbert O'Sullivan described the fan reaction at his first ever concerts in Dublin this week.

Hundreds of disappointed fans were turned away from the National Stadium when Gilbert made his world concert debut.  Inside, every seat was sold and his young fans gave a voluble welcome to Gilbert.  They screamed, they waved, they cried out "Gilbert" - and they cried.

Gilbert grinned all the way through it and at the end of the show had to be whisked off stage to safety as hundreds of eager young fans mobbed the scene of his triumph.

The next afternoon outside the Gresham Hotel, a huge crowd of fans waited for their hero and with screams of delight tried to mob him.  An escort of Gardai was called to help him get to his car.

It's probably the most memorable moment in his career, and Gilbert will remember these concerts for years to come - and so will his Irish fans, who with their support, made Gilbert O'Sullivan's debut concerts a truly great occasion.

Gilbertmania hits Dublin

Source: The Evening Press

Writer: Michael Keane

1st Nov 1972

Anybody who claimed that Waterford-born hit maker Gilbert O'Sullivan would simply not be able to reproduce his own special brand of music for a live audience can forget about this idea.

He can and he did - twice last night, at his first ever live concert in a jam-packed National Stadium, Dublin, where the scene brought back memories of the ravaged Middle Abbey Street in the good old days of Beatlemania.

It was Gilbertmania last night with a vengence, with thousands of screaming girls chanting for his arrival, and then greeting his every song with screeches, tears and roars of approval.


Gilbert completely in control of his audience, and despite his nervous little dance around the stage after each number, there was no doubt that he will be a huge success in the rest of his tour which takes him through Britain.

The ridiculous image of a schoolboy in half-mast trousers was thankfully gone and Gilbert appeared in an all-American college boy white sweater with a big red G on the front, black corduroy trousers and white sneakers.

For 45 minutes he treated the audience to all his famous numbers, such as "Nothing Rhymed", "Matrimony", "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Permissive Twit" and his latest one "Clair".

He replied heavily on his first LP "Himself", for the show numbers, perhaps because his album, "Back To Front", is new to the shops and it's numbers may not be so familiar to everybody.

When British star-maker Gordon Mills (he manages Ton Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck) announced two years ago that he paying a young crazily dressed Irishman with the ludicrous name of Gilbert O'Sullivan 10 per week to disappear into a grubby bedsitter and write songs, people here sneered and laughed.

Last night there were no sneers and fewer laughs as Gilbert O'Sullivan returned home to be adored by the Irish.