‘Mother’s Most Musical’ on his way to world fame

Gilbert O’Sullivan deservedly adored

Saturday night 2:30 AM, on the sidewalk of the Rotterdam Doelen, trade of posters, photographs and biographies of English idol Gilbert O’Sullivan was vivid and most vivid.

Especially for young girls the first great concert of O’Sullivan, who’s fame in our country was established by a couple of brilliantly composed hits, encouraged the urge to buy.


Two girls even managed to embrace him, when Gilbert, at the end of his performance, dribbled on and off stage, while receiving loud cheers. This typically characterized the atmosphere of admiration in which this fourth performance of his European Tour took place.

Sport suit

As for his clothes and haircut Gilbert O’Sullivan is no longer the naïve schoolboy from the 1930’s. In de Doelen he was dressed in a black-blue sports suit with big red piping, and a large "G" on his chest. Also the saddening pudding basin haircut is no longer there: Gilbert has his hair long, combed backwards.

As soon as he takes his seat behind the grand piano, surrounded by an enormous orchestra conducted by Johnnie Spence, it becomes clear how sophisticated the phenomenon Gilbert O’Sullivan is built. First affectingly dusting down the piano, then mumbling something about his mother and then one hyper musical song after the other; it is unbelievable.

‘Nothing Rhymed’ (his first big success), ‘Alone Again’, ‘Matrimony’, ‘Clair’ (dedicated to his manager’s daughter) – they all came out that accurate, that Saturday night O’Sullivan produced evidence that he is a world class artist.

His lyrics and melodies are jewels without exception, his voice reminds people like John Lennon, Jose Feliciano and Elton John, and his busily way of performing is fascinating every minute of it.

For instance the dapperly walking around, arms folded, after every song. The self entitlement as ‘Gilbert’. "Gilbert sits on stage and will do his best." "Gilbert shouldn’t say okay so often." In brief: the ‘image’ of a happy little boss, who will go to his mum telling her that they have applauded for him.

After which probably his mother proudly would say: Gilbert is a special child, and that he is.

Photo caption: Gilbert O’Sullivan at work.

Translation by Rob van der Vaart