Gilbert O'Sullivan's best-selling and highly acclaimed debut album, Himself, remastered with 8 bonus tracks and a 20 page booklet with new sleevenotes, full lyrics, rare photos and memorabilia.

The first in Salvo's 'The Singer And His Songs' reissue programme of Gilbert O'Sullivan's back catalogue will be released on the 7th November 2011.

By the time Gilbert O'Sullivan's debut album Himself was released in August 1971, the UK record-buying public were already quite familiar with this singular composer-singer-pianist thanks to his debut single, 'Nothing Rhymed' (October 1970). Tuneful and artful, emotive and poetic, this strangely affecting record alerted the listening world to a very unusual talent indeed.

However, as interesting as 'Nothing Rhymed' was, the public's alertness to Gilbert O'Sullivan was largely due to his image. With his flat cap, pudding-basin haircut and Charlie Chaplin jacket, Gilbert was simply unforgettable. The music press was understandably wary of such blatant publicity-seeking but the public, on the other hand, was amused, intrigued and baffled by this plaintive, piano-thumping Buster Keaton character, but most importantly, it was aware of him.

When Himself finally appeared in August 1971, the public's anticipation and appetite was stoked; the LP reached number 5 and stayed in the UK album charts for 86 weeks. Listening again forty years on to this ambitious, thoughtful, varied and intensely musical record, it's not hard to hear why the Melody Maker's Michael Watts called Gilbert, the only genuinely interesting and original new talent to appear in the Britain in the seventies.

Track Listings

1. Intro

2. January Git

3. Bye-Bye

4. Permissive Twit

5. Matrimony

6. Independent Air

7. Nothing Rhymed

8. Too Much Attention

9. Susan Van Heusen

10. If I Don t Get You (Back Again)

11. Thunder And Lightning

12. Houdini Said

13. Doing The Best I Can

14. Outro

Bonus Tracks

15. Disappear - [Original Demo]

16. What Can I Do - [Original Demo]

17. Mr Moody s Garden - [B-side of 'I Wish I Could Cry']

18. Everybody Knows - [B-side 'Nothing Rhymed']

19. Underneath The Blanket Go - [Single]

20. We Will - [Single]

21. I Didn t Know What To Do - [B-side 'We Will']

22. No Matter How I Try - [Single]