The Union Square Music reissue campaign of Gilbert's back catalogue continues with the release on the Salvo label of In The Key of G and Sounds of the Loop on the 8th April 2013. Both albums have been remastered with bonus tracks added.

In The Key Of G

1. Lost A Friend

2. At The Very Mention Of Your Name

3. What Am I Doing Here With You

4. If I Start With The Chorus

5. So What

6. The Way Things Used To Be

7. I Don't Trust Men With Earrings In Their Ears

8. Gordon Bennett

9. To The Extreme

10. Stick In The Mud

Bonus Tracks

11. I Have My Coat To Keep Me Warm (from 'Two's Company [Three Is Allowed]' single)

12. Forever Wondering (from Frobisher Drive)

13. At The Very Mention Of Your Name (Single Version)

14. In A Nutshell (B-side 'So What')

15 So What (Instrumental Extended Mix)

Sounds Of The Loop

1. Are you Happy?

2. Not That It Bothers Me

3. Sometimes

4. It's Easy To See When You're Blind

5. Having Said That

6. Can't Think Straight (duet with Peggy Lee)

7. The Best Love I Never Had

8. Divorce Irish Style

9. Came And Went

10. I'm Not Too Young

11. I Can Give You

Bonus Tracks

12. Can't Think Straight (Japanese Version - duet with Takao Kisugi)

13. Can't Think Straight (Spanish version - duet with Silvia Tortosa)

14. What A Way (To Show I Love You)