This is the new Gilbert O'Sullivan

Source: Bravo

Writer:Gerald Büchelmaier 

Date: 20 June 1973

The pop sensation from London:

Gilbert O’Sullivan now switches into really tough rock songs.

This is the new Gilbert O’Sullivan

Ugly, a bloke, crazy – that he was once.

Shy, romantic and nice – that’s how everyone knows Gilbert O’Sullivan.

Now the singer/songwriter of "GET DOWN" wants to change his style for the third time.  BRAVO editor Gerald Büchelmaier heard about his secret plans…

Cluelessly I’m sitting next to Gilbert O’Sullivan in the rear compartment of the black Mercedes 600 that is taking him from his Munich based hotel to the show at Deutsches Museum – when he incidentally spilled the beans: "In autumn, after finishing my US-tour I’m going to surprise my fans for the third time". There will be a completely new Gilbert O’Sullivan. I’m going to present rock music, really tough rock that nobody ever would expect me to.  I need some time to get over this pop sensation: Gilbert who currently seems to be the most successfull singer of romantic rock in Europe and obviously in the US is breaking the mould.  What on earth makes him want to undertake such experiments at the height of his fame?

Gilbert notices my astonished face, smiles and continues to explain: "I’m a restless guy.  After a certain period of time I simply have to do something new. At the very beginning of my career I was wearing old fashioned clothes.  As soon as I was successful with it I’ve suddenly had enough of that trick. I’ve changed my image, became the nice guy with a mob of curls, the shy, romantic Gilbert, sitting behind the piano. That’s how my fans love me. And I’m sure they will also remain loyal as well with my latest outfit as a rock singer."

The 26 year-old Irishman starts to go into raptures about: "I’m envying Ian Gillan of Deep Purple and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. They can hold a wild show flogging themselves as much as their fans whereas I always had to sit at the piano well-behaved.  But very soon this will change…

Soon, that exactly means on 1st September. That’s the releasing day of Gilbert’s new LP. It is his third one. With hot rock songs most of which he already has composed in his Weybridge home near London. Until the record is on sale, Gilbert is pensive:  "Hopefully my fans will still like me, even in my new outward appearance, because then -  instead of coloured sweaters I of course am going to wear fashionable suits on stage as is right and proper for a rock star".