The New Fast Bird In Gilbert's Life

Source: Daily Express

Writer: Victor Davis

Date: 23 June 1973

He has a bird at last!

That one-time Bisto Kid, the lonely figure with the cloth cap and the copper's boots, Gilbert O'Sullivan, has joined the executive jet set.

The plane is a new Hawker Siddeley 125 600 (cost 700,000), bought by the M.A.M. Organisation to waft their stars around Europe like rajahs.

The plane has a range of 2,000 miles, a bar, a cassette recorder and a galley that should be an improvement on the plastic meals on the scheduled airline flights.

The silver cuttlery and the gold-edged bone china are on order.

Soon of the eight seats will qualify for a brass plaque recording: "Tom Jones snoozed here," or "Engelbert Humperdinck played poker here".

This week Gilbert O'Sullivan now sporting his college boy look, sang his songs here as the jet flew him to Ireland for concert appearances.

As there were spare seats, the Songwriter of the Year, took with him his mum Mrs. Mae hartnett, his step-father Pat and his sister Deirdre.

Such a high-class operation deserves a high-class air hostess.  M.A.M. have found one in 29 year-old Ann Hermsen, who studied at the Sorbonne and at the interpreter's school in Geneva.  She speaks French, German and Spanish.

"It's an enviable job to have," she says.  "I love pop concerts - when I get the time to go."

Gilbert O'Sullivan stretched out on the seat and said: "This must be the only way to travel".

"Let's face it, not many people like flying, but this sort of luxury makes you think you ar in a limousine.  I feel thoroughly spoilt".