Not Looking A Doo Wakka Day Older

Source: Daily Mail

Writer: Liz Thomas

Date: 31 May 2008

face looks as fresh as ever, he belts out the songs just as strongly...and that perm is still spectacuarly frizzy.

This is Gilbert O'Sullivan at 61, seemingly barely to have aged a day since he first found stardom almost 40 years ago.

After years in the musical wilderness since his Seventies heyday, the singer-songwriter is now enjoying a renaissance.

He has played sell-out concerts in Amsterdam, Zurich and Paris and will be playing six dates at the Olympia in October.

The waterford-born singer - real name Raymond O'Sullivan - found fame after teaming up with Tom Jones's manager, Gordon Mills, and had a string of hits including Nothing Rhymed, Alone Again (Naturally), Clair and the catchy Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day.  Initially he appeared in 'Bisto Kid' schoolboy cap and short trousers, but later adopted the trademark perm.

His career faltered in the Eighties as he was caught up in legal wrangles with Mills after it emerged he had received only 500,000 of the 14 million netted by his records.

O'Sullivan later became a virtual recluse, living with his wife and two daughters first in Irland and then in Jersey - but continued to write music.

More recently, he has voiced his frustation that his musical legacy and newer output was ignored by the media and critics.