Gilbert - Just One Of The Family

Source: Daily Mirror

Writer: Deborah Thomas

Date: 08 June 1973

That shy man of pop Gilbert O'Sullivan isn't the loner he'd sometimes have you believe in his wistful songs.

That little-boy lost stuff like Alone Again (Naturally) is strictly for the charts.  because down home our Gilbert is really Mrs. Mae Hartnett's eldest son Raymond and his mum's pride and joy - naturally.  And he's very much one of the family.

Pictured from left at the family home in Swindon, Wilts, there's John, Kevin, Deirdre, Gilbert, his mother and step-father Pat Hartnett.

Although Gilbert lives alone in Weybridge, Surrey, he rings his mum every other day and sees the family at least once a month.

Their front room is bursting with trophies and awards that 26 year-old Gilbert has won all over the world.  Including his two coveted Ivor Novello awards for being Britain's best song writer and for writing the top pop ballad "No Matter How I Try".  Then there's a glittering collection of gold and silver discs awarded for sales of his hit records such as "Clair" and "Alone Again" vying for space on the sideboard.

Not to mention all Deirdre's scrapbooks devoted to clippings about her famous brother.

With so much money in the family they could have moved to somewhere rather grand.  But Mae won't have it.  "We like it here", she says.  "And it will always be home to Raymond".