Gilbert's Reply To Q Magazine

Source: Q

Writer: Gilbert O'Sullivan

Date: May 1998

Dear Q,

Re: Your review of my new album Q139

For the record, this is the sixth in seven years. After 30 years in this business, I write and record: a) because I still love it; b) to please myself; c) in the hope that what pleases me, pleases others.

With this album I wanted for the first time to do a three-part harmony song recorded live in the studio (I'm About); a song with acoustic guitar accompaniment only (I'll Be The Lonely One); straight-ahead rock'n'roll (I Don't Care, Heaven's Above); to experiment with production (In Bed By Ten, Sex Appeal and You Better Believe It); a song about Ireland (Say Ireland).

Well, I've done it, and while to me these are pluses, in the opinion of your reviewer, it's crap. So what's new? If it's a Gilbert O'Sullivan album, maybe one star (if I am lucky) will do.

As for my last album, which had a different reviewer, you were equally dismissive, and yet that album can't have been more different from this one. I can live with record buyers being put off by your reviewer's condemnation, but the damage you inflict on me within the industry where you have powerful influence is nothing short of humiliating.

Gilbert O'Sullivan, Jersey