Hypertension proudly announce that Gilbert O´Sullivan joined the label. Gilbert O’Sullivan accumulated no less than fourteen top-forty hits during the 70's, including "Clair", "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Get Down" and "Nothing Rhymed", with number one singles on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as four top-five UK albums. The brand new record "Gilbertville" will be released early 2011.

Gilbert O’Sullivan was born Raymond Edward O’Sullivan on 1st December 1946 in Waterford in Ireland.  In 1953 he moved with his family to Swindon in England.

After finishing college, Gilbert moved to London in 1967 to try and further his musical career.  Gilbert signed a five year publishing contract with CBS which called for one single a year, and released two singles "Disappear"/"You" in 1967 and "What Can I Do"/"You" in 1968.

Gilbert came to the attention of BBC Radio 1 disc jockey, John Peel, who gave him a slot on his radio show Top Gear and O’Sullivan spent part of 1969 applying to other record labels and management companies.  It was at this time that Gilbert formulated his 'Bisto Kid' image; grey flannel suit, flat cap, school boy tie, football socks and hobnail boots.

Gilbert made an irresistible impression with "Nothing Rhymed", his first Top 10 hit and an introduction to his witty lyrics and original approach as a singer/songwriter.  Signed to MAM Records, O’Sullivan enjoyed four years of major success, incorporating a dozen more hit singles, ten of which reached the UK Top 10, and four Top 5 albums: "Himself" (1971), "Back To Front" (1972), "I’m A Writer Not A Fighter" (1973) and "A Stranger In My Own Back Yard" (1974).

Both "Clair" and "Get Down" were number one hit singles in Britain, and additionally, "Back To Front" topped the UK LP chart in 1972, emulating the success of the two million seller "Alone Again (Naturally)", a six week US chart-topper in 1972.

Between then and now, he recorded about 11 new albums, including the UK Top 20 single, "What’s In A Kiss?" in 1981, and toured extensively in Europe and Japan.

Gilbert travelled to Nashville in March 2009 to record new tracks for his new album "Gilbertsville" which will be released on 31 January 2011.  The idea for the title was prompted by a photograph that was taken in Iowa by Gilbert’s brother Terry. Apparently the photograph shows a road sign that points to a town called Raymond, which is Gilbert’s real name, and also points to another town called Gilbertville.

The album features 14 tracks with an interlude halfway through which will feature UK comedian Harry Hill reciting a short poem of Gilbert’s.  Harry previously appeared in the
promotional video for "Two’s Company (Three Is Allowed)".  The 14 tracks are made up of 13 new tracks that were recorded in Nashville and in London and a hidden track called "School Meals" that was recorded during the "A Scruff at Heart" sessions but has been remixed with drums being added to the track.