Gilbert Plays Success Cool

Source: Melody Maker

Date:  02 January 1971

For GILBERT O'SULLIVAN - who smashed to success late in the Old Year - 1971 starts quietly. Despite his chart success the singer/songwriter with the eccentric style in dress remains at this Weybridge home writing more songs.

He told Melody Maker this week: "I am halfway through recording an album and very anxious to get it finished, so people will see 'Nothing Rhymed' is only one facet of my writing."

"The album should go out before the end of February together with a new single for which I am probably choosing an uptempo song."

Plans for 1971: "Nothing really.  I want to play some clubs and ballrooms instead of just playing to TV cameras and recording engineers.  Most of all I want to do a concert with an orchestra at somewhere like the Royal Festival Hall."

Will he visit America?  "I would love to go if they asked me."