Tune In, It's Me..Gilbert

Source: News Of the World

Writer: Unknown

Date: 04th April 2004

Acclaimed Irish songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan is hanging out in the Channel island of Jersey wondering why the Irish don't buy his records.

The singer from Waterford had a large following in England, but he laments: "As soon as I wasn't successful in England, the Irish dropped me like a stone.

"I am an English writer, I am Irish by birth and very proud of it.

"I was the first one to attack the world, The Boomtown Rats came later, then U2.  But now historically it all starts with U2, because they're Irish boys."

Gilbert fears he has never been accepted by the Irish "as one of their own."

He said: "I sell fewer records here in Ireland than I do in Mozambique, and I don't sell many there."

He has just released his greatest hits album on EMI.  But he admits he'd be stunned if the record hit number one in Ireland.