Gilbert's In A Class Of His Own

Source: Daily Mirror

Writer: Don Short

Date: Sept 1973

This New York school didn't have a uniform until Gilbert O'Sullivan came to town.

Now it's big G tee-shirts and sweaters all round.  And the classroom chant in Harlem is: "Gilbert is a gas!"

The British pop star has got to the heart of America, where he's sold 6,000,000 records, scored four successive Top Twenty hits and is now on his first coast-to-coast concert tour.

Schools and colleges turn out for him.  So do all the older pop fans.  Even the weenyboppers give him the okay.

This week their idol is in Philadelphia, where he hopes to meet one of his own heroes - Muhammad Ali.  Gilbert was a schoolboy boxing champion himself - but found he could pack a harder punch on the keyboard.

From Philadelphia he moves on to Hollywood...a different life from the days when he was a 3 a week postal clerk.

Of course, the American fan magazines have gone to town.  So far, girl-shy Gilbert, a bachelor, has been credited with three illegitimate children.  One of them, it's whispered, is called Clair - and that's why he wrote a song about her.

Gilbert's face wrinkles in amusement.  "How can I convince them "Clair" is my manager's daughter?."

Despite the ballyhoo, he's enjoying his six week tour.  "But I can't wait to hear news from London," he says.  "How are my records doing there?  It would give me more of a kick to get a record in the Top Twenty there than to make No. 1 here."

"Why?  Because Britain is home," he says simply.  Things are on the way up for Gilbert.  He returns to top the bill at the London Palladium for a season on Guy Fawkes night.

Latest news on "Ooh Baby" his current single here.  It's now at No. 16.

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