Home Alone Again

Source: Sunday World

Writer: Eddie Rowley

Date: 31 May 2015


Singing legend Gilbert O'Sullivan admits that he lives the life of a recluse away from the stage.

The Waterford-born hit songwriter spends his day composing at his luxury home in Jersey.

"I'm not a social animal," Gilbert tells the Sunday World.  "My wife goes to events with her friends and people think that she doesn't have a husband because I'm never out with her."

Gilbert says he considers himself lucky to have enjoyed a happy family life with his Norwegian-born wife Aase and their two adult daughters.


"I am very lucky that she understands what I do.  I get great fun sitting at a piano eight hours a day, five days a week.  "I'll be there for months on end tryingto write songs.  My wife lets me get on with it and it has made for a very healthy relationship.  I have as much enthusiasm no for writing songs as I had in the 1960s when I first started."

Gilbert shot to fame in the 1970s with ballads such as Nothing Rhymed, Alone Again (Naturally) and Clair.

Although his family left Ireland when he was just seven years old, Gilbert never lost touch with his roots.

"I'm proud of my Irish heritage," he says.

"My father was a butcher in Clover Meats before he moved to England.  I still have relatives over there and I go back every so often.