Source: The Sunday People

Writer: Antonella Lazzeri

Date: 11 Feb 1990



A smash acid house record by a hot new Italian band called "Goss" has trendy DJs blushing yesterday after it was revealed as a hoax number.

For the foot-tapping party hit "So What", a disco favourite with youngsters all over Britain, was really recorded by old cloth-cap himself, Gilbert O'Sullivan.

And his co-star in the video is 65-year-old comedian Eric Sykes who has been going deaf for years.

The elaborate hoax finally dawned on TV's Going Live show heart-throb Philip Schofield after he broadcast a number fans could ring to receive a message from Goss.

Two viewers promptly rang him back to say the "message" turned out to be from Italy's Central Electricity Generating Board - saying they were closed on Sundays.

"I think it's hilarious", said Philip, who has been playing "So What" for weeks on his show.

Although the song is in English, Gilbert fooled everyone by selling it under an Italian design cover.

In the video, pensioner Sykes appears as a bumbling workman and Gilbert is seen singing in the bath.

Philip said "It's a brilliant song and it has become a monster hit in the discos.  But no DJ would have played it if they'd known who it was really by."

Top DJ Lewis Copeland, who packs them in at London's fashionable Limelight Club, admitted he had been "completely taken in."

He said "It certainly left me red-faced when I found out who 'Goss' were."

None of the clubbers will believe it when I tell them."

Joker Gilbert, 43 used to sport a cloth cap and flannel shorts when he started out with such hits as Clair and Nothing Rhymed.

Now he's wearing a grin with his disc high in the dance charts.