MADE IN LOVE from the album LATIN ALA G!

Vicar Street, Dublin - 3 June 2015

A Friend of Mine

A Minute Of Your Time

A Proper Fool

A Woman's Place

All In The Mind

All They Wanted To Say

Alone Again (Naturally)


Are You Happy

At The Very Mention Of Your Name

Bear With Me

But I'm Not

Bye Bye

Came To See Me Yesterday (Original Version)

Came To See Me Yesterday (Ska Version)

Can I Leave The Rest Up To You

Can't Get Enough of You

Can't Get You To Love Me

Can't Think Straight

Christmas Song


Come On Home

Dear Dream

Doesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar and Brick)

Doing The Best I Can

Doing What I Know

Don't Let It Get To You

For What It's Worth

Forever Wondering

Get Down

Go Forth And Multiply

Got To Be That Way

Hablando Del Rey De Roma

Happiness Is Me And You (Original Version)

Happiness Is Me And You (Acoustic Version)

Have It

Heaven's Above

Hello It's Goodbye

Help Is On The Way

Here's Why

Hold On To What You Got

Houdini Said

I Don't Care

I Don't Love You But I Think I Like You

I Guess I'll Always Love You

I Hope You'll Stay

I Know What I Would Do

I Love It But

I Wanna Know

I Wish I Could Cry

If I Can't Have You All To Myself

If I Don't Get You (Back Again)

If You Want Me To

I'll Be The Lonely One

I'll Believe It When I See It

I'm About

I'm In Love With Love (Again)

I'm Leaving

I'm Not Getting Any Younger

In My Hole

Is It A Crime

It Ain't For Me

It's Easy To See When You're Blind

It Never Rains But It Pours

January Git

Just So You Know

Know What, You're Right

Lost A Friend

Love You Out Of Trouble

Made In Love

Make My Day


Me Mum

Miss My Love Today

Mr. Moody's Garden

Mr & Mrs Regards

My Place Or Yours

No Matter How I Try

No Way


Not That It Bothers Me

Nothing Rhymed

One Door Closes

Ooh Baby

Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day

Or So They Say

Out Of The Question

Permissive Twit

Private Eye

Ready Miss Steady

Say Goodbye

Sex Appeal




So What

Stick In The Mud

Susan Van Heusen

Take Your Foot Off My Toe

Taking A Chance On Love

That's Where I Belong

The Allergy Song

The Best Fun I Ever Had

The Best Love I Never Had

The Golden Rule

The Marriage Machine

The Niceness Of The All

The Thing Is

The Way Things Used To Be

The Window Cleaner's Mate

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Thunder And Lightning

To Each His Own

Tomorrow Today

Too Much Attention

Two's Company (Three Is Allowed)

Underneath The Blanket Go

Water Music

We Will

What A Way (To Show I Love You)

What Could Be Nicer

What's In A Kiss

What's It All Supposed To Mean

Where Peaceful Water Flow

Where Would We be (Without Tea)

Who Knows Perhaps Maybe

Who Was It

Why Pretend

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (Original Version)

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (Reggae Version)

Wonder Why

You Are You

You Better Believe It

You Got Me Going